Molly Hale Social Media - Molly Hale Social Media Marketing Publicist
Molly Ann Hale is a Social Media Producer, Publicist, and marketing specialist
social media producer publicist marketing specialist
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Dear business owner,
You don’t have time to run the social media for your business. You’re too busy… running your business.

And yet, a strong social media presence isn’t just a calling card, it is a necessity. If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you are missing out on the revenue stream that comes from the online conversation between the expertise of your brand and your online customer base.

We will build your social media feeds using your business’ goals as the foundation. Through the curation and creation of information, we will position your brand as an online leader and show your business as a taste maker in its industry.


  • Management of social media feeds, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter.
  • Creation of original content to support your company brand.
  • Curation of community content connecting your business to its users, partners, fans, and reviewers.
  • Tending to niche apps pertinent to your industry.
  • Creation and management of any online sales, ads, and promotions.
  • Management of your business blog (if applicable) to drive views back to your website.
  • Work in tandem with your PR company to properly boost any and all press.
  • Building your feeds’ viewership through direct community outreach.
  • Tracking all views, viewers, and progress through monthly analytics reports.
  • Website design and construction.


We create beautiful websites that do more than act as a platform for customer transactions. Our websites elevate and showcase your brand. They stand as altars to help conjure best-case scenario customers.

  • Enticing Visuals

    We hand tailor an elevated visual aesthetic to fit your brand.

  • Customer Service

    We learn your business so that we can be a positive and helpful liaison for your online community.

  • Track Our Progress

    Regular updates on content clicks and stream viewership.

  • Original & Curated Copy

    Our daily copy is always in your brand's voice and appeals to your specific customer demographics.

  • Blogging Optional

    Want a blog? We can use your website as a way to draw traffic directly back to your business.



Pinterest is a search engine first and foremost and is useful in improving your search engine optimization or SEO. When used correctly, Pinterest can help businesses create a well-rounded SEO strategy, which can include an increased ranking on major search engines. We use this platform’s features to boost online presence while at the same time creating meaningful connections with customers by showcasing products and services with compelling visuals and content.

Facebook is still one of the best ways to spread awareness of your business and reach new customers. Facebook groups allow businesses to find new customers based on interests and their ads are highly targeted, meaning you can reach the right audience with just the right message. Advertising on Facebook can be extremely cost-effective, as you can set a budget and determine the cost per click. This allows us to measure your ad’s efficiency and best allocate funds.

LinkedIn is an incredibly important platform for businesses, as it the place for professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. Industry leaders and potential customers start here when verifying a company’s legitimacy. By using this platform’s community, a business can develop relationships, reach new customers, and spread their thought-leadership.

Instagram is a great place to show off your business, attract new customers and increase brand awareness. Because it is visually oriented, businesses can use this platform to express their brand and showcase products in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Reels encourage the use of video and music to attract new audience and when embraced as a tactic for reach, can launch feeds into verification quickly.


Molly Hale | Social Media Solutions
Los Angeles, California

chitownladym77 (at) gmail (dot) com

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